Teachers considering system usage should note the information provided here.


These systems are used for remote lectures in certain classes (sometimes involving other universities) or to facilitate the recording of classes at the university. As part of the system’s activity, various devices boot up and start remote lecture operation automatically in line with reservation information. It is also possible to record remote lectures in classes where both systems are available (see the figure below).

Recorded lecture videos are distributed to students via the LMS. Resources linked to the relevant LMS course page before the recording reservation is made become available automatically the day after the recording is created.

For Students

System Required:

Microsoft Silverlight must be installed to enable playback of recorded videos. Recordings cannot be watched in environments where the Silverlight plug-in does not work (including smartphones and tablets operated with iOS or Android). Click here for information on how to install/uninstall Silverlight.

Safeguard via System Developer:

  • Microsoft Windows7 SP1
    • Internet Explorer 11
    • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple macOS 10.12.3
    • Apple Safari
    • Mozilla Firefox

How to Watch Recorded Videos

Students registered with a particular role on course pages are permitted to watch videos on courses. First, log into manaba and open a course page. Next, click the “▶ movie” button to the upper right. Any videos uploaded to the page will appear. The “▶ movie” button is displayed even if there are no videos on the page.

Viewing of recorded videos

The fast-forward and fast-rewind functions allow searching for particular sections, and video can be zoomed.

For Teachers


Teachers considering system usage should note the information provided here.

Installation Location([Rm]…remote lecture、[Rc]…lecture recording)

  • Area 1
    • 1C306[Rc]
    • 1C403[Rc]
    • 1D201[Rc]
  • Area 2
    • 2G205[Rc]
    • 2H101[Rc]
    • Laboratory of Advanced Research A110[Rc]
    • Laboratory of Advanced Research A111[Rc]
    • Institute of Biological and Agricultural Sciences A206[Rc]
  • Area 3
    • 3A204[Rc]
    • 3A402[Rc]
    • 3B302[Rc]
    • 3B303[Rc]
    • 3B402[Rc]
    • 3L201[Rc]
    • 3L202[Rc]
  • Medical Area
    • 4B209[Rc]
  • Art and Physical Education Area
    • 5C108[Rm]
    • 5C213[Rc]
    • 5C216[Rm][Rc]
    • 5C317[Rc]
    • 5C406[Rm][Rc]
    • 5C413[Rm][Rc]
    • 5C504[Rm][Rc]
    • 5C506[Rc]
    • 5C514[Rm][Rc]
    • Institute of Health and Sport Science A204[Rm]
    • Institute of Health and Sport Science B323[Rm]
  • University Hall Area
    • CA118[Rc]
  • Kasuga Area
    • 7A205[Rc]
    • Kasuga Auditorium[Rc]
    • Union of Library and Information Media Studios Lecture Room (1F)[Rc]
    • Union of Library and Information Media Studios Media Hall (2F)[Rc]
  • Bunkyo School Building, Tokyo Campus
    • 119[Rc]
    • 120[Rc]
    • 121[Rm][Rc]
    • 134[Rc]
    • 531 lounge[Rm][Rc]

Recording Reservations

Contact the career support center that manages the desired classroom to reserve lecture recording or remote lecture services. Reservations are generally managed by the curriculum coordinator and occasionally by other faculty members.

Notes on Reservation
  • The classroom should be reserved before recording services are requested. Requests cannot be accepted from individuals not booked to use the classroom in question.
  • Bulk reservations can be made at the beginning of a semester to ensure that lectures delivered at the same time every week are recorded. However, make-up lectures cannot be recorded on other days if a standing reservation is made for a certain day of the week, such as every Tuesday.
    Application form should be double-checked before submission.

Lecture Recording

Lectures to be recorded should be given as normal. Note the following:

  • Only audio collected through wireless microphones (hand-held and pin types) is recorded in classrooms where such equipment is provided. Accordingly, a microphone should be passed to students asking questions in lectures, or the lecturer should repeat the question before answering.
  • Recording stops and starts automatically, but this is not linked to the on/off status of the projector provided. Lecturers should switch off the projector before leaving the classroom.

Recording and Distribution

Video for courses linked on manaba is automatically distributed to course participants (e.g., course instructors, course students and individuals registered with other roles) from the day after the recording is made. To record without distribution to students, link the recorded video to a course page set up only for teachers. (Another application must be submitted to set up a course page.)

Individuals registering to the course on the day a recording is made cannot watch the video on the same day; it can be watched the day after registration via the course page.

Editing a Video

Videos can be edited using Microsoft Expression Encoder and a dedicated plug-in (for tasks such as specific zone cutting and chapter insertion). For more details on how to obtain and install editing software, see the remote lecture/automatic lecture recording system content on manaba. Click here for information on how to watch videos.

For Reservation Manager

Reservation Management

When requested to do so by a teacher, provide the relevant information to the reservation management server using the ID given by the career support office and the password. Double-check that the recording reservations and the classroom match. For more details of how to provide reservation information to the reservation management server, see the remote lecture/automatic lecture recording system content on manaba. Click here for information on how to watch videos.

Systems Course Page on manaba

The course page (xx15025) provides information on the remote lecture/automatic lecture recording system. Various types of information (on matters such as past orientation video, orientation handouts and how to use video-editing software) are provided. First-time users of these systems and reserving coordinators should see this course page first. For more details on how to view the course, see “Course Registration for Remote Lecture/Automatic Lecture Recording System” (Japanese Version Only) on the e-learning page (Japanese Version Only) of the University of Tsukuba website for faculty members (accessible from on-campus locations).


  • Due to the fact that we are working from home, we may not be able to answer the phone. Please contact us online (email, Ms teams) as much as possible.
  • Office hours: 9:30 – 12:00, 13:15 – 17:00 (weekdays)
  • Email address: support-vls@ecloud.tsukuba.ac.jp
  • Microsoft Teams: you can join a team with our technical staff using the code "lyn54km".
    (If you are unsure how to register, check out this instruction.)
  • Phone: 029-853-2440 (ext. 2440)