Important NoticesResponse to COVID-19 infection. (Official page of University of Tsukuba)

The Office of Educational Cloud has been established for the purpose of promoting e-learning at the university and improving the quality of education through ICT. Its main work is operating the learning management system (LMS) for the entire university. Furthermore, in an aim to expand educational materials focused on videos that provide better educational benefits than text-based educational materials that have been used up until now, the Office is introducing systems such as an automatic lecture recording and remote lecture system while producing and distributing various multimedia contents. In addition, the Office operates Open Course Ware (OCW) programs as a means to externally communicate the university’s education and research activities. The Office of Educational Cloud serves as the cloud infrastructure that aggregates these various educational information systems at the university.

Office of Educational Cloud services

About using manaba

System Upgrade Notice (Updated August 22, 2023)

manaba will be upgraded on September 6, 2023.
Please see here (Updated August 22, 2023) for the details (only in Japanese).

Impact on manaba due to the suspension of TWINS

The suspension of TWINS will have the following impact on the use of manaba.

【TWINS suspension period】

Please check the following URL for the TWINS suspension period.

【TWINS suspension period】

  • During this period, "Class Cancellations" and "Other News" on manaba course news will not be synchronized with Web Bulletin Board on TWINS. Please add them outside of this period.
  • During this period, course registration on TWINS will not be synchronized with course registration on manaba.
  • All other functions will be available as usual.